Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm cleaning up my room, this bleach for my floors are getting to me I think? Lol.
I have a case of OCD I think because everything has to be organized all of the time.
Everything has to be cleaned and dust free & everything needs to be in its place.
Idk if its just me who is like that but hey its somewhat a good thing I think?
Lol. I need more ideas for my 365 project & even if no one is following me, I'll still post it up for the hell of it :)
Its for me and its a rememberence of my life and how its changing over the year and
I shouldn't let the fact that I have NO followers on my project365 blog which is... btw lol. I'm not going to give up on posting and keeping my new years resolution! ^_^.

Well I need to get back to cleaning -I'll update later, I'm thinking about doing a makeup look later on tonight, so yep :)

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