Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been TAGGED :)

I've been tagged by..... NELLZ visit and follow her please :)

Nellz said...
you look great in ur pics!!!
and TAG your it!

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write
a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or
goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged,
listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to
leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog.
you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

1. I'm sorta Bi-Polar, I took a test using one of these magazines and noticed that I was Bi-Polar.
But I'm not that sure if its actually true? Because I haven't seen like someone who actually solves all of that :P Haha so I think I'm Bi-Polar? Sure, I guess.

2. I bite my nails constantly, & sometimes I don't even notice that I'm doing it.
I usually bite my nails to get on my husbands nerves lmfao. The clicking sound really Pisses him Off! :D I've been trying to quit but that's been with me forever, I don't even know how I picked it up. -____- & Thats why most of the time I'm using some artificails.

3. I dropped out of school during my Freshmen year of High School,
Started ditching school during 8th grade. Almost flunked 8th grade because of all the cutting but I took summer school, then I flunked my freshmen year 2x HAHA! (But I wouldn't know I wasn't in school)
Now I have my diploma c/o BFHS 2007 :)

4. Im "self-taught" when it comes to anything dealing with beauty,
I basically can do ANYTHING just by looking at a picture or usuing my imagination.
I cut/style hair. I can color any head in unique colors. -I do cornrolls (but at a really slow pace LMFAO!), ANY type of extention... I do it all.
I play around with make-up A LOT like everyday.
But my number one love with always been hair, I started cutting hair during the 8th grade...
basically so far 5years? :) I still need a job,....

5. I'm am the only child my mothers ever had! :P & I'm raised by a single widowed mother.

6. My daddy past away when I was 2 years old, I wished every night when I was little just to meet him & remember him.

7. I live on the island of Hawaii, Oahu... basically on the ghetto side of Oahu ^_^ lol.
The place where you basically NEVER see tourists hahaha...

8. The first time I seen my husband was at Kam shopping center LOL, he was chillen with his boys which were friends with my good girl-friend. His "boys" asked for my number first, but he was the only one that caught my eye ;D & I couldn't stop looking at haha.

9. When I was younger I NEVER drank coffie, so that probably explains why I'm tall? 5'7".5 haha
Dam I use to hate being tall now its okay because I found a guy who's taller than me and is the PERFECT height (; if you know hwat I mean.

10. I'm so loud, & sometimes irritating.
But I'm just that good friend kind of girl who will ALWAYS make you laugh, especially when your down... I'm just really silly.

11. I trust NO CHICK! I think all girls are bitches, 2 faces, sluts, etc...
I trust non. :) But I'm cool with many haha.

12. I smoke, but not like an everyday thing anymore.
I've laid off of that... its more like my security blanket.
Whenever my stressed I take a puff, lol! Sounded like I was doing some mary-janes right then and there lmfao.

13. I like taking pictures, of landscapes, abstract things, etc.
I'm an owner of a NIKON D40 the cheepest SLR? LOL
& I'm a huge fanatic of Adobe 7.0! LAVVVV

14. I love to eat, I could eat anything EXCEPT fish.
Awkward how I could eat raww fish but never FRIED? Idk...
I like fish burger too but other than that such a hater of that.

15. I never gain weight, my heavyest has been? 115?

16. & I'm so in lovvvvve its sicken'n how WHOOPED I AM! A&T

& I'll comment the people that I want to tag :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blunt side bangs, Purple nails, Skunk hair color.

:-) = equals NEW LOOK*?

&&& then comes ME :P

Not taken with my Nikon D40 but a Finepix....

My interpretation of a side blunt bang, I just wanted to turn up everything and go with an out of the ordinary blunt bang! :) I wanted a cut that would show off my eyes, & having such blunt bangs also soften harsh features mines haha.
+This look is in for winter :D
Try it out, & lmk if you all like it please!
I need the feed back!

& I also did my nails -I was completely bored, like usual so I did my nails.
Had it on since yesterday,... its just a lavender, purple, & gold mixture.
Really simple and easy to do :)

& Lastly me playing around with the extensions, my SKUNK look :)
But of-course am I in noooo way smelly 0_o ahaha.

They're just extensions, although I did have my hair like this a really long time ago! :D

well that's an update on my look, & me....
Happy holidays everyone!
& Feedback is a must! :)
Love ya'll

Monday, December 8, 2008

:) Love tree

^_^ The most adorible Christmas tree ever,
This was from when we went to our City Lights :D

We tired getting a photo in front of it,
but that was a complete fail because obviously were TALL haha.

But all in all that was a good night,
had a beer before hand at a friends party.
& actually went there feeling really good.
The boys were buzzed though it was pretty funny.

Happy Holidays!<3

-Tiffany Nicole

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Love

:) The song that I love.
This reminds me of me and my boy-friend, sorta haha.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peacock Eyes

So you all probably already know that I'm really obsessed with PEACOCKS lmfao.
They're just really beautiful :D LIKE REALLY,
& Basically I just did a peacock look on my eyes :D
I won't really go into details that much because I'm being really lazy, but if you do have any other questions just comment & maybe if ya'll request a step by step ill do it lmfao.
So check it out and lmk what ya'll think!

So if you guys are interested in knowing what I used where just comment me :)
Oh and iwwww I was sweating a bit because this was after my day was over I did this look early in the morning and it lasted pretty GREAT all day :) But if you noticed my face is a bit shinny ignore that lmfao.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shut up about Twilight.

& Edward Cullens -_-

Edward Cullens is played by Him VVV

This ^^^ who's real name is Robert Pattinson (bet ya'll didn't know that)
Is hot?! 0_o

He Robert Pattinson, also played Cedric Diggory
In Harry Potter 2 & 3 ( I know because I'm a Harry Potter movie lover lmfao)

Is making all these gal's drool.
But really are they drooling him or just the character that he plays?

Fed back please :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008


So there was this period in my life where I've been such a hater of the color yet,
But when it all comes down to it...

My fetish for pink has become so bad, that I'm really considering of re-painting my room to a hot pink & light pink mixture. If I do I'll show it off haha.
I'm growing fond of that color and its not a joke.

I owe it all to Audrey Kitching ;D
She's such an inspiration I swear to god.
Even though ton's of people consider her a b*tch; she's truly something.
If ya'll don't know who she is then check her up.
She's kinda like a dark, pink, couture cute loving girl? LOVE CHILD, Maybe?

Well I've also been having fetishes of everything CUTE (kawaii -_-)

Such as:
Polymer Clay deserts no they ain't real.

They look so real and yummy! >_~ I can't wait to make my own sets.
& Whats great you could put um on your nails as 3-D art, decorate your electronics, and basically make a mobile charm.

Here watch this video! ^_^

All this makes me happy... It that wrong? :X I think I'm turning into that giddy type of girly girl. YIKES*

I've notice how much I like strawberry graphics, cute cupcakes, lollipops, & ice cream.... with faces on them. HELP ME?! lmfao. I even recently made a lil strawberry on 7.0

This is the strawberry that I made <---- ROFL! & it has made me hungry so I took a bite offa her. Geez well yah, comments? & FOLLOW. Lates. & BTW, my ears are currently at a size 00 (double zero) plug ^_* Its hurting like a bitch* still... But it'll be gone by tomorrow hopefully. +If you don't know what I'm talking about either... I'm referring to my stretched ears. But really :) BYE EVERYONE! haha

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping? :)

1. SHADES -This is pretty much a knockoff of the ones that I really what, but you get the idea.
Plus, I ain't picky nor high standard.
& I can always make something cheep look like a million bucks, so It never really matters. (; $16.00 is pretty good for a pair of shades especially when I already have a drawer full of em.

Same concept just pretty much a different color. Buuuut its $24.00? MHM >_<>

3. Leggings -MOB $70.00
I really want the plaid ones, I mean it doesn't have to be this brand... But MOB is a pretty trashy line that I love ^_<

4. Supras skytop preferably black&purple! $110.00
I've been wanting supras for a while now and I was so close to getting my first pair a year ago but I went w/ Jordans in sted. But this year I'm determined to cop me a pair.

5. Creative Recreation The Galow Hi in Yellow Buffalo $105.00
Yee Yee ya'll might think this is ugly but if you do honestly you ain't got style.

So far thats it... Its not what I really need but yeee its all good :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunshine, sunshine

"Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid." -Jules Feiffer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

:) 2 days after Halloween

I haven't been online reason is because I just got back from Kalihi.
I wasn't able to upload any pictures at all therefore I've been so MIA from Blogger.

Anyways just want to show off what I did for my nieces hair for Halloween,
I thought it came out pretty good seeing that it was my first time ever doing this look.

She was a pin up girl from Halloween ^_^
For an 11 year old she looks so matture, :)

Just wanted to share!
Thanks -TeebagTiff

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:) Tiffany-Nicole is random

About Me


Marital Status
Taken and content where were at, planning on taking it to the next level (;

Shoe size
7 sometimes 7.5 :) My feet came smaller because they use to be a size 9 0_o

Parents still together
My mom's a widow, but I'm pretty sure if my papi was alive they would be!

I have a half sister name Amanda Britney who lives in FL. that I haven't seen in 14years -_-

I don't have any :/ All the pets I've had I had to give away X[


I love orange, purple, yellow, & hot pink. Super vibrant colors along w/ the blannn ones like cream!

7 is seriously a lucky number for me :D

I love giraffes ^_^ & Puppys, Zebras, Tigers! haha

I have to have my monster :D original green&black of course, & coffie

I don't really have a favorite book any more but of-course if I did it has something with fasion ^_^

I looooove sunflowers, have always love sunflowers & water lillys. Roses are over-rated I think!


Color your hair?
More than I should. come'on now i'm a hairstylist lol

Twirl your hair?
Only when I curl my hair, & when I have my ditsy momments honest >_^

Have tattoos?
Sure :0 Got my first tat on April '08

Have Piercings?
My nose, lip and I have streached ears.

Cheat on tests/homework?

Yes/Yes. I've cut down though because slutty girls who started smoking just make it a turn off.

Like roller coasters?
Hehe yeah... it a certain extent.

Wish you could live somewhere else?
Not really well, it wouldn't really matter where I lived as long as my family comes along!

Want more piercings?
I do! Can't wait till my bf starts working then we could you know get my holes in our body hah

Like cleaning?
I have OCD especially when it comes to my room -__- I clean ALL OF THE TIME. :/

Write in cursive or print?
Eaither or, whatever I feel like using then I do :) That reminds me I need a new planner of '09!

Own a web cam?
Noooo, sadly. I want one though. Next time I'ma buy one I swear!

Know how to drive?
Haha I'm okay with driving I tend to speed whenever I'm behind the wheel my mom says.

Own a cell phone?
Sure do, & I'm actually thinking about selling it lol

Ever get off the damn computer?
Yes. Whenever I just wanna spend time w/ my bf. Even though he's the one who's usually tweaking onit


Been in a fist fight?
Lol yes I have many times. But you know its nothing really big, I've learned now MAKE LOVE not war!

Considered a life of crime?
Sure have, & i don't think I'm afraid to go to jail lol

Considered being a hooker?
LOL not really a hooker I'd raither be a stripper, espec. if I'm really really really desperate.

Lied to someone?
Oh geez, come on now? WHO HASN'T

Been in love?
:) Sure have.

Made out with JUST a friend?
Um, yes I think I have? Sorta whatevers that is complicated lol

Been in lust?
Heh, no. I haven't honest.

Used someone
NEGATIVE, I really hate users but not as much as I hate people who think I'm a user!

Been used?
Um, no.

Been cheated on?
No. Thank god & if so then thats fucked up but whatevers I've got a good guy now :)

Kicked someone in the nuts?
LOL ALL THE TIME, last person I think it was Andrew sorry dawg :X

Stolen anything?
I'm a sinner whats new? But I'm no longer like that.

Held a gun
Yep, I have so back the fuck off. Jk no really I have though


Current clothing
Some polka dot top and shorts. About to head to bed :D

Current mood
Confused?* Pfft. whatevers XP

Current taste
My lip gloss from NYX peach flavooor mm yummy ^_^ hehe

What you currently smell like
LOL I d k, I haven't smelled my self lol.

Current hair
LMFAO one side is curled and the other side is straight >_< & my bangs is pulled back

Current thing I ought to be doing
Lying down next to my boy-friend

Current cd in stereo
Something that belongs to my mom I'm guessing.

Last book you read
Its been ages I think prolly my permit book haha

Last movie you saw
UMMM, some movie on the internet :X Pirated films ftw I still wanna watch nick and norah's....

Last thing you ate
Steak :D

Last person you talked to on the phone
My cousin Leslie, or my mother. I don't really like talking on the phone especially since its broken

Do drugs?
NO dawg

Believe there is life on other planets?
I hope so, that be so rad like seriously

Remember your first love?
:) Sure.

Still love him/her?
No, heh I have a new love in my life.

Read the newspaper?
Yes I do, I like the comics jk jk

Friday, October 10, 2008

Smoked out PURPLE! :)

Hey everyone! :D I'm so excited to share the way I put my make-up on with all of you ^_^ This will actually be my first e/s (eye shawdow) tutorial that I'm gonna do here on blogger. I'm gonna start posting up my youtube videos that I've created with all the makeup looks that I've done. Hopefully I'd get a lot of view/subscribers from it :)

Anyways this is the look that I did on my eyes today.

Arabian Smokey Purple eyed :D
Its a bit messy, but its still good! LOL

These were the products that I used:

I adore NYX products & I have a collection, so basically most of my tutorials will be of me using them ^_^ I mean don't get me wrong. Who doesn't love inexpensive makeup!
But lets get started....

-I didn't use any base for this look.

1. First I took my OPAL e/s & placed it on the first
3rd of my eyelid near my tear duct and blended it all the up onto my brow bone.

2. I got my NYX's blush in Mauve & speaded it all of the remaining halves of my eyelid, again all the way up unto my brow bone.

3. I then put NYX's purple e/s about my eye crease from the outter corner of my eye to the opposite side of my pupil so the 1st and 2nd half above my crease should be covered :)

4. Then take NYX's Morocco e/s and fill it in your crease creating a triangle on the outter corner. Make sure you blend! ^_____^

5. I used NYX's e/s in SKIN as my highlight all over my brow bone :)

& there you have it, just add your eyeliner -I used prestige (black) & put on some falsies to give a dramatic effect and your done :D

Sorry I didn't get to post more pictures my camera died, but hopefully I'll be able to post up a video tutorial on this look :) THANKS!

-If your still a bit confused because the lack of good explaination >_<


<3 TeebagTiff