Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been TAGGED :)

I've been tagged by..... NELLZ visit and follow her please :)

Nellz said...
you look great in ur pics!!!
and TAG your it!

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write
a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or
goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged,
listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to
leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog.
you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

1. I'm sorta Bi-Polar, I took a test using one of these magazines and noticed that I was Bi-Polar.
But I'm not that sure if its actually true? Because I haven't seen like someone who actually solves all of that :P Haha so I think I'm Bi-Polar? Sure, I guess.

2. I bite my nails constantly, & sometimes I don't even notice that I'm doing it.
I usually bite my nails to get on my husbands nerves lmfao. The clicking sound really Pisses him Off! :D I've been trying to quit but that's been with me forever, I don't even know how I picked it up. -____- & Thats why most of the time I'm using some artificails.

3. I dropped out of school during my Freshmen year of High School,
Started ditching school during 8th grade. Almost flunked 8th grade because of all the cutting but I took summer school, then I flunked my freshmen year 2x HAHA! (But I wouldn't know I wasn't in school)
Now I have my diploma c/o BFHS 2007 :)

4. Im "self-taught" when it comes to anything dealing with beauty,
I basically can do ANYTHING just by looking at a picture or usuing my imagination.
I cut/style hair. I can color any head in unique colors. -I do cornrolls (but at a really slow pace LMFAO!), ANY type of extention... I do it all.
I play around with make-up A LOT like everyday.
But my number one love with always been hair, I started cutting hair during the 8th grade...
basically so far 5years? :) I still need a job,....

5. I'm am the only child my mothers ever had! :P & I'm raised by a single widowed mother.

6. My daddy past away when I was 2 years old, I wished every night when I was little just to meet him & remember him.

7. I live on the island of Hawaii, Oahu... basically on the ghetto side of Oahu ^_^ lol.
The place where you basically NEVER see tourists hahaha...

8. The first time I seen my husband was at Kam shopping center LOL, he was chillen with his boys which were friends with my good girl-friend. His "boys" asked for my number first, but he was the only one that caught my eye ;D & I couldn't stop looking at haha.

9. When I was younger I NEVER drank coffie, so that probably explains why I'm tall? 5'7".5 haha
Dam I use to hate being tall now its okay because I found a guy who's taller than me and is the PERFECT height (; if you know hwat I mean.

10. I'm so loud, & sometimes irritating.
But I'm just that good friend kind of girl who will ALWAYS make you laugh, especially when your down... I'm just really silly.

11. I trust NO CHICK! I think all girls are bitches, 2 faces, sluts, etc...
I trust non. :) But I'm cool with many haha.

12. I smoke, but not like an everyday thing anymore.
I've laid off of that... its more like my security blanket.
Whenever my stressed I take a puff, lol! Sounded like I was doing some mary-janes right then and there lmfao.

13. I like taking pictures, of landscapes, abstract things, etc.
I'm an owner of a NIKON D40 the cheepest SLR? LOL
& I'm a huge fanatic of Adobe 7.0! LAVVVV

14. I love to eat, I could eat anything EXCEPT fish.
Awkward how I could eat raww fish but never FRIED? Idk...
I like fish burger too but other than that such a hater of that.

15. I never gain weight, my heavyest has been? 115?

16. & I'm so in lovvvvve its sicken'n how WHOOPED I AM! A&T

& I'll comment the people that I want to tag :)


rockSTARbeauty said...

wow, i thought u were short like most girls but we're the same height

gloriababycc said...

haha i like the story of how u and ur bf met :) its cute. and thats a good one... Im gnna tell my kids (dont have none yet) that they shouldnt drink coffee if they wanna b taller!

Nellz said...

very interesting!!! i love that tag one bc u find out many randoms things about people!! and i feel im bipolar at times too.smhhh hehe i posted my 16.. xoxo latas mama