Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blunt side bangs, Purple nails, Skunk hair color.

:-) = equals NEW LOOK*?

&&& then comes ME :P

Not taken with my Nikon D40 but a Finepix....

My interpretation of a side blunt bang, I just wanted to turn up everything and go with an out of the ordinary blunt bang! :) I wanted a cut that would show off my eyes, & having such blunt bangs also soften harsh features mines haha.
+This look is in for winter :D
Try it out, & lmk if you all like it please!
I need the feed back!

& I also did my nails -I was completely bored, like usual so I did my nails.
Had it on since yesterday,... its just a lavender, purple, & gold mixture.
Really simple and easy to do :)

& Lastly me playing around with the extensions, my SKUNK look :)
But of-course am I in noooo way smelly 0_o ahaha.

They're just extensions, although I did have my hair like this a really long time ago! :D

well that's an update on my look, & me....
Happy holidays everyone!
& Feedback is a must! :)
Love ya'll


gloriababycc said...

i really love the new blunt look! :-) theres just so much u can do w/ it and itll always look punky.. like curl the rest of ur hair, etc. i also love the purple nails && spunky highlighted look. you are so ready 4 winter!!! and no one else will look like u ;-D

Kimberly Tia said...

wow, you rocked those blunt bangs. those look wicked tuff on you!

Aleksis said...

freakin awesome...It's so different, but still really should do more nail posts I loooove them! I def. love the skunk look as well!

Nellz said...

you look great in ur pics!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!!You are totally rockin it!!