Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodbye black,

We'll see how much longer I'll be able to keep up with my new hair color/cut.
Actually semi-new, its the same'ol coloring that I do all of the time besides having black hair.
But what ever's this is the ONLY color that I'd prefer rather than black :)
Reason why I wanted to color my hair is because the hair color that I'm always using goes in the stores for about 12.99 but I got it at the Navy Exchange for 6.99 ^___^
I scored BIG time, so thought popped in my head! Time for a change.

Anyways its near the holidays! :) I can't wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years.
The triple threat or "Treat" I like to sayyyy. LOL!

Also my boy-friends 21st birthday is coming up within less than 2 years & I'm not so ecstatic about it like I was last year. For some odd reason I'm in NO mood to celebrate any birthday's besides my own which seems so selfish but my mind is crazy blank. I have no idea's left as in what to get my bf for his birthday ;/ Urgh. Maybe I'll just take him out for some drinks & get his totally trashed.