Sunday, February 22, 2009

So over with MEOW'S here comes the RAWR!

Here kitty kitty!

So here's a more detailed look.
I know it looks so awkward the ways my nails look haha its cause I distorted it up a bit while resizing cropping etc. >_< No my nails ain't abnormal or staight outta the circus :) But enjoy it (;

Hit me up if you want me to show you details on how to do it.

-BTW thinking about coloring the hair back to jet black?!
My hairs faded to a med. brown color and ain't matching with my extensions no more haha.
I use extensions for volume not for length for now because my hair grew out and met up with the existing length of the extensions haha,
Waiting on some money from my tax returns haha (; so I could get me more extentions cause I love um! Maybe so 24"s? :P

But should I? My mom's recently colored her hair back to black!
She's has LIGHT hair ever since I could remember!
I CAN'T even recall seeing her with black hair in my whole life (wells besides pictures).

This is how she looks. I KNOW WE LOOK ALIKE (; hahah



-I give my mother props for looking as good as she does for almost a 50 year old (;

Okay git at me bloggers,
Au Revoir' ♥Tiffany/TeebagTiff

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


LOL I hate that saying wtf does that even mean?
That you looked hammered? LMFAO!

Well whatever, did my nails
-Got bored, did it right quick.
Got some Neon Colors going yeeee.

&&& Also did it with acrylic so it'll last for a while and another thing I usually have stubs for finger nails because I tend to bite them. As much as as I wish I didn't need to use acrylic nails, I JUST CAN'T RESIST THE URGE! Lmfao.

:) Enjoy.

Upclose ^___^ messy messy,

& Bonus:
Me and the boyfriends fishy tank :) -Taken with a Finepix!
Its actually in HIS room at HIS house, not mine ah-hahaha

Well goodnight everyone :D Off to bed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

1 year & 7 months

+5 more months till the 2 years and ETERNITY till FOREVER :)
Happy "OURDAY" baby!

& Thanks for the Chocolate Strawberries w/Sour Cream & Brown Sugar. MmmMmm Lmfao.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

George White Melville

"We always believe our first love is our last
and out last love our first."