Tuesday, February 10, 2009


LOL I hate that saying wtf does that even mean?
That you looked hammered? LMFAO!

Well whatever, did my nails
-Got bored, did it right quick.
Got some Neon Colors going yeeee.

&&& Also did it with acrylic so it'll last for a while and another thing I usually have stubs for finger nails because I tend to bite them. As much as as I wish I didn't need to use acrylic nails, I JUST CAN'T RESIST THE URGE! Lmfao.

:) Enjoy.

Upclose ^___^ messy messy,

& Bonus:
Me and the boyfriends fishy tank :) -Taken with a Finepix!
Its actually in HIS room at HIS house, not mine ah-hahaha

Well goodnight everyone :D Off to bed.


Nellz said...

awwww ur nails are so cute i wanna start getting designs like i use too and that fishtank is cute and girlie

Sofee said...

I love ur nail design..so unique

ashshie said...

I love ur nails!!!
that fish tank is cute!!!!:)

gloriababycc said...

Very lovely nails!! I totally dig'em. Wheres the fishies in the tank?? loll. Is it me or I cant see them?

NIC-KIA said...

cute tank girl, and nice colors for the nails.

TML <3 said...

Beautiful! I want a aquarium, but my fish allways died ;( im not so clever with the changing off water ++, but your looks really pretty =)