Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:) Tiffany-Nicole is random

About Me


Marital Status
Taken and content where were at, planning on taking it to the next level (;

Shoe size
7 sometimes 7.5 :) My feet came smaller because they use to be a size 9 0_o

Parents still together
My mom's a widow, but I'm pretty sure if my papi was alive they would be!

I have a half sister name Amanda Britney who lives in FL. that I haven't seen in 14years -_-

I don't have any :/ All the pets I've had I had to give away X[


I love orange, purple, yellow, & hot pink. Super vibrant colors along w/ the blannn ones like cream!

7 is seriously a lucky number for me :D

I love giraffes ^_^ & Puppys, Zebras, Tigers! haha

I have to have my monster :D original green&black of course, & coffie

I don't really have a favorite book any more but of-course if I did it has something with fasion ^_^

I looooove sunflowers, have always love sunflowers & water lillys. Roses are over-rated I think!


Color your hair?
More than I should. come'on now i'm a hairstylist lol

Twirl your hair?
Only when I curl my hair, & when I have my ditsy momments honest >_^

Have tattoos?
Sure :0 Got my first tat on April '08

Have Piercings?
My nose, lip and I have streached ears.

Cheat on tests/homework?

Yes/Yes. I've cut down though because slutty girls who started smoking just make it a turn off.

Like roller coasters?
Hehe yeah... it a certain extent.

Wish you could live somewhere else?
Not really well, it wouldn't really matter where I lived as long as my family comes along!

Want more piercings?
I do! Can't wait till my bf starts working then we could you know get my holes in our body hah

Like cleaning?
I have OCD especially when it comes to my room -__- I clean ALL OF THE TIME. :/

Write in cursive or print?
Eaither or, whatever I feel like using then I do :) That reminds me I need a new planner of '09!

Own a web cam?
Noooo, sadly. I want one though. Next time I'ma buy one I swear!

Know how to drive?
Haha I'm okay with driving I tend to speed whenever I'm behind the wheel my mom says.

Own a cell phone?
Sure do, & I'm actually thinking about selling it lol

Ever get off the damn computer?
Yes. Whenever I just wanna spend time w/ my bf. Even though he's the one who's usually tweaking onit


Been in a fist fight?
Lol yes I have many times. But you know its nothing really big, I've learned now MAKE LOVE not war!

Considered a life of crime?
Sure have, & i don't think I'm afraid to go to jail lol

Considered being a hooker?
LOL not really a hooker I'd raither be a stripper, espec. if I'm really really really desperate.

Lied to someone?
Oh geez, come on now? WHO HASN'T

Been in love?
:) Sure have.

Made out with JUST a friend?
Um, yes I think I have? Sorta whatevers that is complicated lol

Been in lust?
Heh, no. I haven't honest.

Used someone
NEGATIVE, I really hate users but not as much as I hate people who think I'm a user!

Been used?
Um, no.

Been cheated on?
No. Thank god & if so then thats fucked up but whatevers I've got a good guy now :)

Kicked someone in the nuts?
LOL ALL THE TIME, last person I think it was Andrew sorry dawg :X

Stolen anything?
I'm a sinner whats new? But I'm no longer like that.

Held a gun
Yep, I have so back the fuck off. Jk no really I have though


Current clothing
Some polka dot top and shorts. About to head to bed :D

Current mood
Confused?* Pfft. whatevers XP

Current taste
My lip gloss from NYX peach flavooor mm yummy ^_^ hehe

What you currently smell like
LOL I d k, I haven't smelled my self lol.

Current hair
LMFAO one side is curled and the other side is straight >_< & my bangs is pulled back

Current thing I ought to be doing
Lying down next to my boy-friend

Current cd in stereo
Something that belongs to my mom I'm guessing.

Last book you read
Its been ages I think prolly my permit book haha

Last movie you saw
UMMM, some movie on the internet :X Pirated films ftw I still wanna watch nick and norah's....

Last thing you ate
Steak :D

Last person you talked to on the phone
My cousin Leslie, or my mother. I don't really like talking on the phone especially since its broken

Do drugs?
NO dawg

Believe there is life on other planets?
I hope so, that be so rad like seriously

Remember your first love?
:) Sure.

Still love him/her?
No, heh I have a new love in my life.

Read the newspaper?
Yes I do, I like the comics jk jk

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