Friday, October 10, 2008

Smoked out PURPLE! :)

Hey everyone! :D I'm so excited to share the way I put my make-up on with all of you ^_^ This will actually be my first e/s (eye shawdow) tutorial that I'm gonna do here on blogger. I'm gonna start posting up my youtube videos that I've created with all the makeup looks that I've done. Hopefully I'd get a lot of view/subscribers from it :)

Anyways this is the look that I did on my eyes today.

Arabian Smokey Purple eyed :D
Its a bit messy, but its still good! LOL

These were the products that I used:

I adore NYX products & I have a collection, so basically most of my tutorials will be of me using them ^_^ I mean don't get me wrong. Who doesn't love inexpensive makeup!
But lets get started....

-I didn't use any base for this look.

1. First I took my OPAL e/s & placed it on the first
3rd of my eyelid near my tear duct and blended it all the up onto my brow bone.

2. I got my NYX's blush in Mauve & speaded it all of the remaining halves of my eyelid, again all the way up unto my brow bone.

3. I then put NYX's purple e/s about my eye crease from the outter corner of my eye to the opposite side of my pupil so the 1st and 2nd half above my crease should be covered :)

4. Then take NYX's Morocco e/s and fill it in your crease creating a triangle on the outter corner. Make sure you blend! ^_____^

5. I used NYX's e/s in SKIN as my highlight all over my brow bone :)

& there you have it, just add your eyeliner -I used prestige (black) & put on some falsies to give a dramatic effect and your done :D

Sorry I didn't get to post more pictures my camera died, but hopefully I'll be able to post up a video tutorial on this look :) THANKS!

-If your still a bit confused because the lack of good explaination >_<


<3 TeebagTiff


the illest said...

ouu thas pretty ;D

the illest said...
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Kellyann said...

That's hella cuuute, girl! =)

Ms, Chaaaaaann said...

thhhat's hot (;

loveva said...

GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT. purple is my favoriiiite<3 great work!

Anonymous said...

Girl that is Gorgeous!!!

girllovemac said...

hi i just came ross ur blog. what kind of lashes do u use. very pretty!!