Thursday, November 20, 2008


So there was this period in my life where I've been such a hater of the color yet,
But when it all comes down to it...

My fetish for pink has become so bad, that I'm really considering of re-painting my room to a hot pink & light pink mixture. If I do I'll show it off haha.
I'm growing fond of that color and its not a joke.

I owe it all to Audrey Kitching ;D
She's such an inspiration I swear to god.
Even though ton's of people consider her a b*tch; she's truly something.
If ya'll don't know who she is then check her up.
She's kinda like a dark, pink, couture cute loving girl? LOVE CHILD, Maybe?

Well I've also been having fetishes of everything CUTE (kawaii -_-)

Such as:
Polymer Clay deserts no they ain't real.

They look so real and yummy! >_~ I can't wait to make my own sets.
& Whats great you could put um on your nails as 3-D art, decorate your electronics, and basically make a mobile charm.

Here watch this video! ^_^

All this makes me happy... It that wrong? :X I think I'm turning into that giddy type of girly girl. YIKES*

I've notice how much I like strawberry graphics, cute cupcakes, lollipops, & ice cream.... with faces on them. HELP ME?! lmfao. I even recently made a lil strawberry on 7.0

This is the strawberry that I made <---- ROFL! & it has made me hungry so I took a bite offa her. Geez well yah, comments? & FOLLOW. Lates. & BTW, my ears are currently at a size 00 (double zero) plug ^_* Its hurting like a bitch* still... But it'll be gone by tomorrow hopefully. +If you don't know what I'm talking about either... I'm referring to my stretched ears. But really :) BYE EVERYONE! haha


philamer, said...

its the JDM in all of us. ha...
i use to hide the fact that i like pink. i think i still do. but ha. i rock it... behind closed doors. ;)

Audrey Kitching is cuuute. although she kinda reminds me of Jeffree Star. which is NOT a bad thing in my eyes.

Aleksis said...

This reminds me of this new cupcake place in my mall and everything is really pretty and pink and everytime I walk by I want to buy all of them even though I hate cupcakes! xD lol! I want to make little pastry figurines now!