Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peacock Eyes

So you all probably already know that I'm really obsessed with PEACOCKS lmfao.
They're just really beautiful :D LIKE REALLY,
& Basically I just did a peacock look on my eyes :D
I won't really go into details that much because I'm being really lazy, but if you do have any other questions just comment & maybe if ya'll request a step by step ill do it lmfao.
So check it out and lmk what ya'll think!

So if you guys are interested in knowing what I used where just comment me :)
Oh and iwwww I was sweating a bit because this was after my day was over I did this look early in the morning and it lasted pretty GREAT all day :) But if you noticed my face is a bit shinny ignore that lmfao.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)


gloriafatboy said...

wow.. ur color combo is CRAZY sick... youre gorgeous!!! happy Thanksgiving <3

kawaiikao said...

gorgeous!! and you and your bf are too cute!!

Nellz said...


ill;kinda said...

The combination of colors looks nice.

Kimberly Tia said...


and dammit i wanna bf who's down for facials.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS, def should do a tutorial :)

SICKNESS said...

ohhh pretty makeup.

[Melbaby] said...

Wow, hellla props.
Gorgeous; Im suggesting
a tutorial ;]

mc.lizzle xx said...

I've been obsessed with peacock looks lately. Yours is my favourite though!! I saw a pair of huge peacock earrings like a month ago, TWICE, and now im so sad I didnt get it. I'm going back tmr night hopefully they still have it!!!

*Nehs* said...

oh wow! very pretty! love it!