Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping? :)

1. SHADES -This is pretty much a knockoff of the ones that I really what, but you get the idea.
Plus, I ain't picky nor high standard.
& I can always make something cheep look like a million bucks, so It never really matters. (; $16.00 is pretty good for a pair of shades especially when I already have a drawer full of em.

Same concept just pretty much a different color. Buuuut its $24.00? MHM >_<>

3. Leggings -MOB $70.00
I really want the plaid ones, I mean it doesn't have to be this brand... But MOB is a pretty trashy line that I love ^_<

4. Supras skytop preferably black&purple! $110.00
I've been wanting supras for a while now and I was so close to getting my first pair a year ago but I went w/ Jordans in sted. But this year I'm determined to cop me a pair.

5. Creative Recreation The Galow Hi in Yellow Buffalo $105.00
Yee Yee ya'll might think this is ugly but if you do honestly you ain't got style.

So far thats it... Its not what I really need but yeee its all good :)


ill;kinda said...

thos MOB plaid leggings just made their way to my closet ! :)

ill;kinda said...

yea, Karmaloop is my favorite as well.
I'm on there like everyday .