Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fact Fact Fact

A lot of people might not know it but;

-The only music I love listening to is alternative, & screamo music.
-Some days I just feel like blasting up the radio and start headbanging.
-I love dark clothes and colors. Dark Red is smexyyy!
-I'm extremly obsessed with Tim Burton flicks <3!
-I'm very closed up when it comes to friends but it doesn't mean I don't like kick'n it.
-I basically became a loner when I dropped out of highschool my freshmen year
-I have a VERY loud mouth & when I'm happy or enjoying myself I really Laugh Out Loud.
-I don't hold back anything that I'm feeling, I'll tell you what I'm feeling & how it is!
-I suffer from being Bi-Polar & its sad but life goes on :)
-I'm usually the most happiest & friendlyest person u'll ever meet in your lifetime but chances of me being your long term friend would most likely NEVER happen.
-I keep things to myself you'll usually will never be able to figure me out.
-I have on a new mask everyday, its always a different personality that comes trough.
-My self esteem is VERY high I love being me I might not have the looks but I carry and represent my self real WELL!
-I have a minor case of OCD. Everything needs to be perfect and in order.
-I like bossing people around, sorry babe.... lol.
-The worlds greatest place to shop is second hand clothing stores my favorite in the world.
-I have an obsession with Rompers & Floral print!
-I'm an only child and I'm very spoiled.
-I look and act like a girly girl!!! My looks are so different from my personality :) So you get the best of both worlds.
-My temper is on a very short fuse. =X
-One day I'd like to be a teacher for preschoolers.
-I dislike girls who label themselves bitches, dime-pieces, etc. SICKENING!
-I'll get a tattoo saying "Nothings ever a mistake, Always a LESSON!"
-I collect sunglasses and watches...
-I love living on Hawaii because of the diversity.
-I hate people who are racist, I really hate when people mention God's name in vain, along with close minded people whom bashes the word Gay. exp: "We didn't get to go out tonight, thats so fucking gay" use something else like lame or shitty but not gay! >:/
-I'm straight & I LOVE guys!
-I spend more than 12 hours a day on my computer...

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