Thursday, January 14, 2010

I haven't been

Keeping my new years resolution up lol.
I'm soooo slacking with project 365, ah its alright...
Well I didn't do anything intresting at all today, it was such a cold and windy day.
It made me just want to stay under the covers all day and relax.
Plus I need a break anyways because I've been busy this whole week & I'll probably end up being busy this whole weekend ^_^
The plans for this weekend well things I want to get done with is
-Go shopping at GoodWill! (Tomorrow's plans)
-Go to Pali Lookout (Saturdays plans)
-& Go star gazing ^_^ (^^)

I really hope we can get this down hehe.
Oh and the Job Fair wasn't so bad I kind of felt a little out of my element.
I didn't really find any of the jobs intresting besides the receptionist positions.
& I learned that you don't need to go to school and major in accounting to become a bank teller! I sooo wouldn't mind working as a bank teller but then again their is always that fear factor, what if we get robbed? 0_o lol.

Maybe I'll give it a shot since theirs like ton's of bank near to where I live!
Wish me luck on that. Hehe

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