Friday, January 8, 2010

New bed for the New Year

I didn't get to publish any post's yesterday but I had good reason in doing so!
I didn't want to just write a small one liner because I was super busy.
& It was the good kind of busy ^_^ Productive!
Basically I got my new bed yesterday!!!
I'm so happy & it'll be my first night sleeping in it and I have yet to get in it, right now haha...
Well anyways I was basically busy the whole day yesterday I swept and mopped my whole room, re-arranged EVERYTHING and waited for the mattress people to drop my bed off :) Then I had to set it up which was a bit confusing? HA! After I pretty much left with my mom to go to Ross & buy the new bed sheets OMFG I absolutely LOVE the way my bed & room looks like & I can't be any happier with it although theirs so much more left to do its making me more ecstatic. ^_^

Btw I DID take a photo yesterday for my 352 days >_< lol...
I just didn't get a chance to post it up - reason? My mom has been on her laptop all day & my computer has no editing system ): Boo* I'll wait for sometime later today to post it up!
Oh & I'm going back to my old highschool tomorrow from which I dropped out of...
-____- Ack* I'm so not in the mood to see any hormonal and immature teenagers. LOL

Well its time to hit the sheets. If I'm still not able to get a good nights rest on this bed then just send me off to sleep on a bed of nails... :)

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