Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So lame

No one's following me on my other link -____- ugh maybe I should just stick to posting my photos on here instead. Idk whatevers. I woke up on the crappy side of the bed today.
I'm not feeling like myself at all today.
Hm... I think I want to do my makeup today and take some pictures of myself.
I need a new default for my facebook I guess lol.
Today is going to be another random and boring day.
I want to go and buy some makeup...
Lately I've been REALLY into makeup -__-
I mean I've always loved makeup but just lately a spark in me has just been wanting to put on makeup a lot and do tons of photoshoots.
But Idk :) I'll update more later hehe. Byeee


glitteryeyesxx said...

Oo, definitely post some pics of you doing some of your make-up looks! =)

BarbieVomitx said...

okay I will :) Lol.