Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh no I'm slacking?

Again! 0_o
Naw I'll keep up with my posts hehe.
I need more practice with my camera, & I need to understand it more.
I wish they had photography classes where I live but they dont );
Its okay... hehe
So last my day has just started and so far its been a good one :D
I woke up next to my boy-friend on the most comfortable bed what more could I ask for?
Lol. Now my boy-friends off to pancake house to get me some waffles with whip cream ummm umm umm!
Lol Were gonna go fishing later @ Ko'olina hopefully!
I lovvvvve fishing ouuu another random facts!*

Oh and okay I've uploaded some pictures again hehe... if you guys didn't notice I cheat the system of blogging and change my dates :P But its still all good. Hehe.

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