Friday, January 15, 2010


Round 2 :D
I went over to Goodwill again.
But this time to the store in Pearl City.
Wow its huge lol!
I had such a great time there although I know that my boy-friend didn't really enjoy it so much I KNOW I had the time of my life (; lol.

There were so many things that I wanted to buy but didn't really want to spend much especially since it wasn't my money lol.
I decided to just get me some wear for spring time!.. .I wanna be ready for once the cold fades away!
I bought me some pairs of shorts & high wasited skits.
More skirts and a jumper/short type of thing.
& a couple of blouses, its kind of funny because most of the items I purchased were brands like Charlotte Russe but instead of buying things for reg. price I only got most of my items for like 3 dollars the most. They were also having a buy 2 get one half off deal so I got some items WAYYYY cheaper than I expected ^_^
I didn't even reach my 40 dollar limit I was so happy because I scored big time & was able to bring home so much for so little!
Its so great shopping @ 2nd hand stores :)
Everyone should start trying it especially now that the economy is so tough you'll save a lot of money! ^_^
Oh and I forgot to mention I bought the cutest H&M high wasted skirt from there for just 4 dollars! ^_^ My favorite thing out of today's shopping experience :D
and it was all made possible thanks to my boyfriend (;

We also went over to KuruKuru & ate some sushi >_<
Forreals Kanak Attack.
But that was pretty much my day :D & I had a really great time!

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