Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fish tank :)

So here are some pictures of MY fish tank, its nothing pretty like the one I did at my boy-friends place. But It's alright afterall its not really fully done yet.
I need to paint the b-g cause I think it looks ugly with those you know FAKE picture background haha.
we were laughing because at my boy-friends house he has the most girlyest fish tank ever and here at my house I have such a boyish tank.
But really it doesn't matter :P
So yeeeep pretty much.

I wasn't able to take good pictures of my gouramis :(
They were just to quick fo' my ass haha.

Oh and so I watched some parts of the bad girls reunion.
Bummed that I wasn't able to watch it till the end because my mom was using the TV to watch her korean drama -________-
But for the parts that I did see
Like when PEREZ was bashing on ALEYAH, I WAS HOOKED.
Can't wait to watch the re-run of the reunion.
^_______________^ so catty, I love it.
Can't wait for next seasons hope they're kick ass as these past two.
First season was ass compared to this.

Gonna go play Wii goodnight yall


Aleksis said...

So pretty! I've always wanted a tank but heard they were hard to take care of (???) Is Alehya the one that was dating Kevin? I could NOT stand her!! She was such a follower!..who was the genius that picked Perez to host? He's hilarious! Can't wait to catch the re-run....p.s. LOVE the new layout. :)

Meya said...

really cute! i want to get one for my son =]]

Anonymous said...

squeakyyyy clean =]
nice pics

Amber N. said...

haha I love the Bad Girls club too, the reunion was hilarious :) Cute fishies too, for someone reason my fish never lived long.