Monday, March 9, 2009

Kat Von D???

LOL Got bored, everyone says that I look like her therefore it led me to do this...
ENJOY :) Will do a tutorial soon, just like for everything else that I need to do hah.


&&&& walah

Okay peace :)


*Nehs* said...

whoa! great job! love it!

Twisted Elegance said...

wow...I am in love with this look! You look just like her. I'm like..amazed. lol

Aleksis said...

You look so much like her here! WOW! I think you are a lot prettier than her though and I never really saw it before this, but in this!!!

Posey said...

Whoa great job! You do look alot like her!

Choo Make-up said...

OMG you are like Kat:D
I love it!