Monday, April 6, 2009

Kid Cudi in Hawaii! :)

Got that right, me and the boyfriend met him at Leilow - April 3rd, 2009
He was such a sweetheart! :P
Sorry so late for this blog but I was at my cousin's house and she didn't have a computer XP
I would've posted sooner because I was soooo excited but yeah,

My boy-friend and Kid "day&night" Cudi ROFL!

Sadly only the boyfriend took a picture with him because I was too shy to ask for one so I took their picture of them together on my b-f's camera phone insted haha.
We was tripping out!!! :)

But he's such a nice guy forreals lmfao
I think we were the only people who reconized him in the store besides the worker there lol.
At least I got a hug ^_____^

Alrights peoples comments lates.


lalaliybean said...

ha that's cool that you recognized him. i always feel like if i saw someone famous in a store i wouldn't even know and if i did i wouldn't say anything. i'd just try to peek @ the stuff they buy. LOL

PinkChopstick said...

ahhh so lucky!