Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So, I'd like to try something new

1. Put my camera into good use, work it until it completely falls off its limbs.
2. Update my blog more than 1x a day.
3. Become more organized with my daily life especially keeping up w/ dirty clothes.
4. BE Proactive/Productive.
5. Become well aware of my true self and get to know who I am.
6. Stay true to myself and not let anyone ruin/destroy my day.
7. Try to at least go Thrift shopping every week.
8. Get along with my boy-friend for at least a month no arguments.
9. Get a Job and keep it for more than a year.
10. Stay humble
11. Don't ever go along with the IN thing.
12. Set your mind to saving for something BIG & buying it by the end of year '2010.
13. Be good to my mother: Respect her & give her unconditional love.
14. Always set high standards for myself.
15. Never go below them.
16. Try to at least use half the amount of make-up than I did this year in '09
17. Grow out my hair for a whole year.
18. Get a new tattoo with deep meaning or something close to me.
19. Have less arguments and stop cussing completely.
20. Sobriety & Be a non-smoker!

There is so many other important things I want to do
- or become better at in the year 2thousand10 :)

& So many other things I've probably forgot to list... <3


glitteryeyesxx said...

Come back! I miss your posts =)

BarbieVomitx said...

Aww thanks doll face! <3